Tradelines: Are They Better Than Credit Repair?

As adults, we value the role of finances in our short-term and long-term goals. During emergencies, we would want the ability to be able to be approved for a loan. To be able to do that, we must have a good track record of being able to pay off previous loans on-time and in full. Keeping track and learning about your financial responsibilities can be a challenge for many. We, at Las Vegas Tradelines, want to help you understand what our role is in this industry. Everybody wants a good credit score. You can easily avail of multiple benefits and aggressive interest rates with high scores. It also gives you personal satisfaction that financial institutions trust and lend you all different types of financial products. There are multiple ways to achieve a good credit rating such as paying loans and debts on time every month. However, these methods can take some effort and time. There is an alternative method that has helped millions of Americans in boosting their credit scores: authorized-user tradelines. Credit repair and tradelines are often discussed with one another. In fact, they actually complement each other.

Credit Card Tradelines

Understanding Credit Repair & Scores

Let’s start with the easier concept to understand, credit repair. It is used to  dispute and correct damaging information on a credit report. There are many reasons that an individual may suffer from a  poor score. It may be as simple as a minor error in auditing from the data furnisher and could be as severe as having your identity stolen. Disputing these errors with the credit bureaus can restore the proper credit rating.

However, this may not be the case for everybody. You can develop a poor credit score by not paying your current monthly debt obligations on time. When this occurs most individuals will consult with a credit repair company. Many of you may know that the process is long and tiring to complete on your own. Even though credit repair companies are very helpful in restoring your credit, at times their strategies may hurt you. Some of these companies may use dispute tactics that will remove accounts you have had for several years. This will actually lower your credit score because it will reduce your length of credit history. In extreme cases you may lose almost all your accounts that report good credit history.

When you enter into a credit repair program, you may ask yourself how long it will take to see a significant change in your credit scores. Credit bureaus have about a month to investigate the disputed case. There are some instances that further research is needed, so it could take as long as 12 months to get that credit score that you need. Considering that you have spent a lot of time and money on credit repair services, you may be wondering if there is anything else you can do to help boost your credit score faster.

Introducing Tradelines to Improve Credit Scores

This is where tradelines come in. In contrast to credit repair that may remove positive payment history from your credit report, tradelines add it. Tradelines allow people to share their outstanding credit payment history from a credit card. When you are added on a tradeline, the entire credit card account will appear on your credit report. Purchasing a tradeline will allow you to benefit from that credit card’s account history and credit limit. This will reflect in a higher credit score within 30-45 days from the purchase date.

For many years, we have helped many credit-challenged individuals achieve just that through our tradelines. In most instances, credit repair will take between 6-12 months on average to see significant changes in your credit score. Although tradelines are not guaranteed to work for all clients, it is still an effective method that has already helped thousands see significant increases in their credit scores.

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Who Can Benefit from Tradelines?

Financial systems do not treat everyone equally when it comes to credit opportunities. Many people rely on their family members who have had good credit scores to start establishing their own positive credit. For those without family members with good credit scores, colleagues and acquaintances are allowed to add each other as authorized users of their credit cards.

Again, reality does not provide a fair playing field for everyone. Not everybody has that one friend with great credit or even parents who would be willing to add you to their credit cards as authorized users. Las Vegas Tradelines is here to provide these same opportunities that most of us have never had. The great news is that the practice of buying tradelines is a legal business. In fact, at least one-third of all Americans have used this strategy to boost their credit scores for years.

It never hurts to add positive history to your credit report. In fact, you can benefit from both tradelines and credit repair at the same time. It is always ideal to have your credit report free of derogatory information to maximize your score. Some credit reports may require credit repair to remove severe derogatory items such as bankruptcies and collection accounts. With these types of negative items on your credit report, tradelines may have a limited effect on the score.

Credit Card Tradelines

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Tradelines are a fast and simple way to add payment history and revolving credit lines to your credit report. Las Vegas Tradelines is a leader in the tradeline industry and is here to provide everyone access to this credit boosting secret. We are constantly growing our tradeline inventory to provide the right solution for you. We have impeccable customer service and tradeline experts with over 10 years of experience to guide you in the process. When tradelines are not enough to get that desired credit score, we can offer you discounted credit repair services to help you even further. Make sure to check our Contact Page and reach out to us if you have any questions or to book a free tradeline consultation. Take the step today and let Las Vegas Tradelines be your partner in helping you boost your credit profile and score.