Frequently Asked Questions

General tradeline information-

In simple words, tradelines are credit accounts. When it comes to purchasing a tradeline, it mostly refers to AU (Authorized User) tradelines wherein you will be renting the tradeline with someone having a seasoned tradeline as an AU. If you’re struggling with your credit score, being added as an AU on someone’s seasoned tradeline can have a positive impact on your credit score as well.

To give you a simple example, many parents in the US add their kids as AU on their credit cards to help them build a credit history. You will be doing something similar by purchasing a tradeline.

A seasoned tradeline is nothing but a tradeline that has been existence for a considerable duration. Las Vegas Tradelines consider every tradeline that has been in existence for more than 2 years to be seasoned tradelines. It is this type of tradeline that will provide you the best opportunity to improve your credit history by purchasing or renting it and being an AU on the tradeline.

Seasoned tradelines are well-known to have the maximum positive impact on someone’s credit history. By sharing a seasoned tradeline with the primary account holder, you might get to share benefits associated with the tradeline.

No, there is no guarantee with regard to any tradeline positively impacting your credit score or to what extent the score can be improved. When we talk about someone’s credit history, we are talking about all the different types of credits taken over the years and how they were or were not repaid. There are just too many factors at play here.

So, we can’t provide any kind of guarantee about how the tradeline will impact your credit score. You can know more about what we do and do not guarantee on the “Our Guarantees” page.

Yes, it is possible that your purchase might further worsen your credit history. This is commonly observed among people who do not select their tradeline correctly. We advise every customer first to use our “Tradeline Calculator” to know the average age of their tradeline as it is one of the most vital aspects in selecting a tradeline that matches your requirement.

Only after understanding your credit profile that you can protect yourself from selecting a tradeline that might affect your score negatively.

If you look through our tradeline supplies or the tradelines that are available for purchase on our website, you will see that each of the supply has a “Purchase By Dates” We guarantee that the tradeline you purchase from us will be posted in your upcoming credit report. But this guarantee is only applicable when you make the purchase before the “Purchase By Date.”

If the purchase is made after this date, there is a vast possibility that the same will not be posted on your upcoming report. But rest assured that it will get posted in the following reporting period.

This again depends on your current credit profile. It is generally advised to purchase more than one tradeline when you have a thin credit file with only a few accounts. Also, if you already have a decent FICO score (680+), it can help if you make multiple purchases to maximize the results.

A single purchase is mostly recommended if you have a thick credit file with multiple credit accounts. Improving the age of the oldest tradeline, modest credit score goals, and budget constraints are some other reasons where purchasing a single tradeline is recommended.

We exclusively deal in AU tradelines. But if you know anything about business credit, you might also know how beneficial it can be to be a personal guarantor when applying for business credit, especially if you have a new business. So, purchasing AU tradelines can help you improve your credibility as a personal guarantor for a business loan.

If you do not want to be a personal guarantor, know that the lender will still closely go through your personal credit history. So, purchasing a tradeline can help you in this regard as well.

Yes, when making a purchase, you will be required to submit a colored copy of your driver’s license along with a copy of your social security card. This is needed for identity verification and fraud prevention. Also, banks at times ask for these documents before adding someone as AU on someone’s credit card.

In case if you do not have a driver’s license, you can also submit a colored copy of a valid passport or any other state-issued identity card.

There are many different factors that determine your commission. Two of the most significant of them are the age of your credit account and the credit limit you have on the tradeline. If you want to know more about the exact commission you can earn by selling your tradeline at Las Vegas Tradelines, you can visit the “Sell Tradeline” section of our website.

You can provide your contact information on the page, and we will get back to you with all the details you need.

The quality of your tradeline supply is very important to us. As a result, we currently only accept credit card tradelines of a few selected banks that have the highest posting success rate. This ensures that the customers who purchase tradelines from us are only provided genuine tradelines with the highest posting success rate.

If you wish to sell your tradeline, visit the “Sell Tradeline” page and submit your contact details. We will provide detailed information about your eligibility to sell the tradeline.