Fraud Policy

We at Las Vegas Tradelines are committed to the highest level of corporate governance, responsibility, fiduciary duty, and ethical behavior. Our ‘Fraud Policy’ is established for facilitating control development that can aid us in detecting and preventing frauds.

We intend to ensure that a consistent behavior against fraud remains established in our organization, and controls are developed to conduct investigations as we deem necessary.

This policy is applicable to any kind of irregularity or even suspected irregularity that involves our clients. Strongest actions will be taken against individuals to investigate, report, and hand over any evidence to authorities, such as the FBI, FTC, and DOJ. The authorities will have the complete support of Las Vegas Tradelines to prosecute the offenders and bring them to justice.

Note that any kind of fraud or attempted fraud will be treated as a felony charge and might result in criminal sentencing of 6 months to 15 years.

As a company involved in a complex tradeline industry, we take every possible measure to detect and monitor fraud attempts. We work with reputed 3rd party agencies to cross-check all the details, such as names, date of birth, postal address, social security numbers, etc., for identity confirmation.

As a user of Las Vegas Tradelines, you agree not to provide or submit any alternative SSN (Social Security Number), TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number), EIN (Employer Identification Number), CPN (Credit Protection Number), or any other information that can be considered fraudulent, illegal, false, or unauthorized.

If Las Vegas Tradelines discover any such fraudulent information, we have the right to discontinue our service, terminate the contract, and also reverse previously performed services.

In such cases, any and all the service fees or costs paid to the company will NOT be refunded. Moreover, apart from the fees and costs that will be treated by us as liquidated damages, we also reserve the right to claim additional damages as entitled by law.