Our Guarantees

Matters related to finances, especially credit history and tradelines, should always be dealt with caution. At Las Vegas Tradelines, we believe in complete honesty and transparency. Before using our services, there are a few things that you should know about what we guarantee and what we do not.

What Do We Guarantee?

  • If you successfully purchase any of our tradelines within the “Purchase By Date,” it will get posted on your credit report by the next “Reporting Period.” The same is mentioned with all of our tradeline supplies.
  • If the purchase is made after the “Purchase By Date,” we cannot guarantee that it will get posted on your credit report in the next “Reporting Period.” If it does not, rest assured that it will get posted in the following “Reporting Period.”
  • When you purchase any tradeline from Las Vegas Tradelines, you will remain an Authorized User (AU) on the card for only three monthly reporting cycles.
  • On successful purchase, the tradeline will be posted on the credit report of at least two of the three major (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax) credit bureaus.
  • Rest assured that all the tradelines we offer have excellent payment history without any late payments.
  • The utilization ratio of all the tradelines will be 15% max.

What Do We NOT Guarantee?

  • Purchasing tradeline is an effective strategy for improving your credit score. However, it might not work for everyone. We do not offer any kind of guarantee with regard to our tradelines boosting your score. Based on your credit file and the types of tradelines you already have, it is possible that your purchase could affect your score negatively.
  • It is also not possible for us to provide any guarantee about our tradelines enabling you to take a loan or a new credit card.
  • We thoroughly train our customer support representatives to not answer any questions about how purchasing tradeline can affect someone’s credit score. They cannot provide any information about how your score will be impacted by the purchase or by how many points your score will improve.
  • We cannot provide any concrete answers to your queries regarding how many tradelines you should purchase for significantly boosting your credit score. In fact, at Las Vegas Tradelines, we do not answer any questions regarding credit scores.
  • Apart from helping you purchase tradelines and fulfilling our commitment, as mentioned above, we do not offer any other guarantees.