Privacy Policy of Las Vegas Tradelines

How is My Personal Information Used by Las Vegas Tradelines?

As a financial company, Las Vegas Tradelines (“Las Vegas Tradelines,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) have the right to share the personal information of our users. According to the Federal Laws, consumers reserve the right to limit this sharing by companies but only to an extent. However, it is mandatory for us and every other company to let the consumers know how we will collect, store, share, and protect the information.

Read this ‘Privacy Policy’ thoroughly to get answers to all the queries regarding the personal information of the customers.

What are the Different Types of Personal Information We Collect?

The information we collect can be broadly classified into two categories-

i) Personal Information- In simple words, ‘Personal Information’ is the information we collect directly or indirectly to identify a particular individual.

ii) Anonymous Information- While ‘Anonymous Information’ is also collected directly and indirectly from the customers, this type of information cannot be used to identify them individually.

However, in case if any anonymous information is associated with personal information, we treat this information as personal information as well. Also, we often combine personal and anonymous information to create a third information category, known as ‘Aggregate Information,’ which involves information about categories and groups but cannot be used for identifying individuals.

Here is detailed information on different types of information we collect-

  • Details You Provide- All the information you share with Las Vegas Tradelines, like Name, Country of Residence, Date of Birth, Gender, Postal Address, Email Address, Contact Number, Login ID, and Password through our website or email.
  • Transaction Details You Provide- All the information provided by you, such as credit card details, shipping address, etc., when using our website, purchasing or selling our products, or participating in any promotion on our website or 3rd party website.
  • Information You Provide on Public Forums- Any kind of personal information you share on our website’s public forums will be disclosed to all without any limitations. As the information is provided on a ‘public’ forum, we are not responsible for its disclosure. Users should be wary of sharing such details on public forums.
  • Location and Other Details- We can also process information, such as your location shared by the mobile device you use or your IP address, but only when permitted by law. We do not have any control over this information as your mobile service and internet service provider share this information.

How is Personal Information Used?

Here are the different ways in which Las Vegas Tradelines, or our website or business administrators, use your information-

  • Provide access to the product or service you have requested
  • Communicate with you regarding your account registration and transactions
  • Provide information every time we make changes to our products, services, or policies
  • When permitted by law, use the information for sending you promotions and offers on our as well as 3rd party products
  • Personalize your browsing experience on our website
  • Personalize the advertisements that you see on our website
  • Optimize the products and services we offer
  • Monitor, detect, and prevent any activity that violates our ‘Terms of Use’

How is the Information Shared with 3rd Parties?

We generally do not share the personal information of our customers. However, there are a few circumstances when this might be done.

  • The personal information will be shared with 3rd parties when you allow us to do so. All the 3rd parties are carefully selected so that they can send you their promotions and offers. The information can also be shared with platforms such as social networking websites. Note that once your personal information is shared with any other 3rd party, it is then their responsibility to use it as per their ‘Privacy Policy.’
  • The personal information can also be shared for completing your requests. For instance, if you purchase a tradeline, the information can be shared with a courier company that will send you hard copies of the purchase documents. However, such 3rd parties are not permitted to use your personal information, apart from the said purpose.
  • We can also share or sell the personal information of the customers in case if we sell our business, merge with another entity, or in the event of insolvency. In case if we have reasons to believe that the information you have shared with us relates to any kind of potential threat to others or is illegal, we will be obligated to share the information by law.

What Control and Choices You Have on Your Information?

We also ensure that our customers are provided complete control on how they want to share their personal information as and when possible. Here is an overview of how and when you can limit the sharing of your information-

  • We allow our customers to opt-out of receiving our or 3rd party promotions and offers. With this, your information will not be shared with 3rd parties that would like to send you promotions and offers regarding their products or services.
  • Customers can also opt-out of any kind of non-essential sharing of personal information that we generally share with 3rd parties for joint marketing or with affiliates.

We try to ensure that your right to control the sharing of your personal information is made available to you in the most hassle-free manner. You can select available sharing options at the time of creating your account on our website. Alternatively, you can also contact us through call or email for exercising your right to control your personal information.

How is My Data Protected?

The security and integrity of your personal information is as important to us as it is to you. As a business that takes pride in its modern-age web platform, we take every possible measure to ensure that customer information is protected at all times.

We have implemented multiple administrative, physical, and technical security measures to ensure that only authorized people are provided access to your information. But while we take various measures and review/upgrade them at regular intervals, no security measure is impenetrable or perfect.

How Will I Be Updated About Changes in Privacy Policy?

We also review and make changes to our privacy policy at regular intervals to implement new technologies and comply with regulations. Every customer will be sent an email notification every time our policies are changed. We will also obtain your consent if mandated by law.

If you still have any queries about our privacy policies, you can always contact us by phone (0000000) or email (